Friday, 24 August 2012

Jeonju Historical Museum and Jeonju National Museum

Ok, so it's been a month or so now since I've last blogged. This is largely due to the fact we've been really busy and not had much time at the apartment. That and it's the end of term so report cards, testing, and other goings on has kept me from this blog. However I find myself here on a Friday morning with nothing to do, the rain falls outside and I've exhausted Facebook already so let me take you back to July 8th.

About an hour's walk from our apartment are two museums - the Jeonju Historical Museum and The Jeonju National Museum.

Id did however take us about three hours as we had no real idea where we were heading. On our walk we came across what looked like a business park, all nice new shiny buildings with some nice surrounding grounds. Now, just out the front of this business park were a load of cars and bikes lined up, OK nothing strange there however these cars and bikes were Children's cars and bikes! I figured this must have been the HQ of Triple Velvet or something.

Right, looking through the Photos I have over 100 just from This day alone. So I think the best option is for me to upload the album to my G+ and then just share the link. I'll update later and do the same for the rest of the posts as I can't work out how to have photos on here in an album format.

Ok so G+ doesn't want to upload so FB it is. Here is a link to all my photos from both Museums.

Jeonju Historical Museum and Jeonju National Museum

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