Sunday, 26 August 2012

Seoul Trip

Saturday July 14th and Sophie had a trip to Seoul planned to go and get her hair done. Yes apparently for you girls out there who colour your hair (blond) it's hard to find somewhere in Jeonju that has western hair experience and a trip to Seoul is the answer.

We'll ignore the fact that I got my hair done here in Jeonju by a Korean woman with perfect English who studied hair dressing in London's Videl Sassoon's salon because apparently Seoul is the only answer :)

I originally wasn't planning on going on this hair adventure and decided that on Friday night, I'd head to the local dive bar Radio Star. It's a good bar here in Jeonju popular with foreigners with live music and random instruments scattered around the room and an open DJ box for you to add whatever you like to the playlist.

I arrived back home somewhat intoxicated at 7:40, and in efforts to prevent waking up Sophie thought it was best to get undressed for bed - outside the apartment door - to cause as little distraction as possible. This however didn't work and whilst sneaking in Sophie awoke. She asked to wake her up at 7:30 to which I replied with the current time!

Sophie got up and started to get her stuff together for the morning bus to Seoul, now the night before my friend and co-worker had invited me to Seoul with him as he was heading to visit a friend, so still drunk thought that this would be good. We can all go to Seoul together, the girls can go off and do the hair thing and we can do our thing and meet up later for drinks. I packed a bag, poorly and was on my way.

I slept for the duration of the trip and when I awoke in Seoul I was struggling but, was determined to have myself a good time. We found our way to Chris' friends apartment where we we're treated to home made Mexican food! I feel now would be the time to mention that Chris aka Mexi-Chris and his friend Linda are both Mexican. It was the perfect food for the state I was in and ended up taking priority over any sight seeing we originally had planned.

We did however make it out to Seoul Tower and although the weather was a little rainy, in my opinion just added to the view over Seoul. The stormy sky for me really made the view so much more dramatic!

There were love trees, nothing seedy at all, just trees made up of notes that a couple would write and then with a padlock, attach it to the tree - locking in your love.

Later in the evening we met up with Sophie and the girls ended up going out in the Soho area, also the gay area. No I'm not, but one of our friends with us is so we all went and had a great night. There certainly some interesting sights of the transexual nature! I did get a photo but unfortunately it didn't come out.

Please follow the link if you wish to view the full photo album of the weekend.

Seoul Trip photos

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