Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Deokjin Park

August 5th and we had the day off work. In the afternoon we decided to visit Deokjin Park which is located not far from the uni area of Jeonbuk Dae. A large park centred around a natural pond with huge lotus flowers blooming within.

As we reached the pond round to the left is a pagoda that overlooks the park, it's such a peaceful place and while we we're enjoying just relaxing in the pagoda - a woman who was having a picnic with her family - offered us some food. Once again an example of just how nice and welcoming people here are.

The arched suspension bridge that takes you across the centre of the pond, this also leads to more trails to explore. There is also a huge theatre screen in the car park for anyone looking for a drive in.

We continued to walk around the park we came to another bridge, this time a smaller wooden one that snakes through that pond and really is quite beautiful. halfway across the bridge sits another pagoda, you get some great views from here especially at sunset as the arch bridge becomes silhouetted against the red sky.

You can spend as little or as long as you want here, if it coincides with your travels, they hold an - they hold an annual Dano Changpomul (Water Iris) Festival on the 5th day of the 5th month. On this day amongst the celebrations,  women wash their hair in iris-infused water from the pond to wish themselves good health for the coming year.

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Deokjin Park Jeonju

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