Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Right so after we left Hanok Village Saturday night we went to Busan, stopped somewhere for food - that wasn't all that great and over priced from other places we've eaten - then made our way to a foreigners bar. I don't really remember all that much about the evening from here on out if I'm honest with you, the Mokoli had fully inhabited my body and it was good night Mr Pearce.

The little I do remember however was meeting lots of lovely people including members of the local football team that - if I can still play - hope to join.
Memories of leaving the bar, the ride home and many other details of the night seem to have escaped me so I think I'll just let the photos tell of the nights events.

I've decided to leave in the out of focus photo's as a more true representation of what I saw seeing that night. From the photo's it looks nice, I might have to go back and explore again.

I remember pretty lights

Just follow the light 


I think on the right is where we ate 

A plate of raw meat pringles is all I can remember thinking when taking this photo 


Domino's Piza =

Hangover Cure!

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