Friday, 1 June 2012

In hindsight getting myself lost was not the greatest idea

Ok so today after walking Sophie to work I decided I was going to have a good wonder, see what I could find.
I know that somewhere here in Jeonju there's a Home Plus store - pretty much sells everything you need from TV, game consoles, cameras, food, clothes, sports gear, house hold stuff everything.
I walked for a good hour in all different directions thinking each time - yeah I'm getting somewhere here - only to end up pretty much in the same place 2 minutes from the house.

Realising that something just wasn't working I set off again with the goal to get myself lost, if unwittingly I've managed to find myself back home several times over the last hour I felt this to be a winning tactic!

...I got lost, and after a further 3 hours of walking I think its safe to say I took a wrong turn. However just as I was ready to give up and try and retrace my steps home I spot a large building with red english writing on the front - could it be - could my plan of getting lost actually work? Yeah it did, I found myself outside my intended destination Home Plus!

Originally I had no real intention of buying anything but as it's taken me the best part of 4 hours to find I figured it would be rude not to. So of I went into this mega store not really knowing what to expect. Straight away found the Ipads, no price though, a 42" LG for around £400, Xbox360 for £200 and a Nikon D3000 £800.

After walking away from the things I can't afford reality kicks in and walk the isle of - home cleaning - picking up a mop, dustpan & brush and that all important new toilet seat and a big brolly in anticipation of monsoon season a few months away.

Now loaded up with household items I decided to venture down a floor and see what was going on, it was like taking an escalator into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Not because of all the chocolate, but because of the staff, I'll explain - As I made my decent and more of the floor became visible there were 4 staff members stretching out, doing a few exercises, limbering up. I though fair enough, quite a good idea to keep the workers in good health n'all that. I then walked down one isle towards the centre of the shop to find that there were 2 members of staff stood at the end of every isle - now there's allot of isles, so your looking at at least 20 staff that I could see, not forgetting that there would be staff members at the other end of these isles, and they all began dancing - in perfect sync - dancing to the music over the store music system, most singing as well. It was like I was surrounded by Umpa Lumpa's. Quite possibly one of the most surreal moment's of my life thus far.

Unfortunately because I hadn't planed for such an adventure my phone had died and I couldn't film or capture any pictures, but I have given myself the goal of returning fully prepared next time, might even take the tripod!

Anyway after being slightly weirded out, I bought my good's and was on my way, now I didn't really know which way that was so I just set off in what I felt was the right way.
After 20 minutes I caught glimpse of the Golf Driving Range nets that aren't too far from the house so off I went - I arrived at my destination and circled it a couple of times trying to get the right perspective to help regain my barring - it was then I noticed that there was only one target on the nets - the driving range by me has two I'm sure of it? It turns out that Jeonju has more than one Driving

 I carried on walking, toilet seat in hand as they didn't give out bags and I was dreadfully under prepared, Finally I found a main road and luckily for me I recognised what was sign posted - Jong Wassan Gu - which I know is on my address. I followed the main road with my mop, toilet seat, and huge golf brolly in the 25 degree heat and began to relax as I started to recognise shops and restaurants from around the area and finally I arrived home a good 5 hours later relieved and spent.

Next task - how to change a toilet seat over?!

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