Monday, 4 June 2012

Shopping in Jeonju

Ok so on Saturday myself and Sophie decided to try and relocate Home Plus that I'd previously stumbled across during my 5 hour expedition - it took us about 20 minuets to walk there.
We did a huge shop to fill our fridge I won't bore you with the details but it's quite the experience. For a start the number of employee's is amazing, how they have the budget I don't know but the second you pick anything up there on it - trying to help, suggesting alternatives or directing you to special offers.
My advise to anybody new to S.Korea - just go with it - they are very helpful and do find out the best deal for you. Also they give you free stuff for buying stuff! We got a pair of badminton rackets just for buying washing machine powder and softener. Ordinarily I might think they would never be used but it just so happen's there a badminton court in the park 1 minute away from the flat.

Anyway here are a few photos on route to Home Plus and inside.

An old wrecked arcade machine just on the side of the street
A little Cheese on Toaster - awesome

A giant box of Special K

A huge tin of Sweetcorn

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