Thursday, 14 June 2012


After our golfing fiasco we went to the cinema to watch Prometheus, this in itself is pretty boring to read I know, it's not like I update everyone with every film I see back home so why now? Well no real reason really apart from the fact that I've got some quite nice, maybe even average, stereotypical holiday snaps I'd like to share :)
Lotte Complex

Strange pointy thing

Strange mushroom thing

Sophie with the strange mushroom thing

me with the strange mushroom thing

Sophie planking on an upside down bowl

The corner of Lotte Complex

The Cinema 

From the roof

From the roof

From the roof

Old skool Arcades!
 The culture here seems to be that if your a couple, you wear matching clothes. Often we'll see couples with matching shirts or trainers but it seems they don't stop there...
Matching undies

Tasty Squid dish

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