Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Golf is most definitely not our sport

Right then, I've got a bit of catching up to do with this blog. I've started work now so have less time but I'll get to that. Last Wednesday we had the day off, so we thought a good way to start the day would be a spot of golf. Golf is extremely popular here, there's a couple of driving ranges and a couple of indoor golf screens within walking distance, and loads of golf shops!

We decided that the golf screen was the way forward, something neither of us had done before and just seemed a little less serious than the driving range. You see, the Koreans, when they are interested in something, they go all out. They rock up at the driving range all kitted out as though they were doing a full round. There's nothing wrong with this, just a little intimidating if we roll up in our shorts and flip flops with no real idea of how to hit a ball.

Anyway we were wrong, the golf screen was just as full on, if not more so than the driving range! I'm sure one guy even had the gingham pants like the pro's. Walking into the lobby felt like walking into the Hilton with a huge (fake) oak tree trunk disappearing into the celling. I didn't get any photo's from the lobby unfortunately.

GOLFZON TOWN! I think this is the right place
 After a few minutes of poor communication on our part, we were escorted to our very own golf room with some his and her's hired clubs. The system was all in Korean so the woman set us up with a game.
I did notice that she chose a 3 star difficulty level out of 5, pretty standard, she should however have chosen 1 star!

The room itself was amazing, nice comfy sofa at the back for those who are waiting for their shot, coffee table and refreshments provided such as a bowl of water melon, sweets and green tea.

The Golf Room

The Golf Room

Sophie working on her swing

After 12 holes it was apparent that I was too far ahead on the score card for Sophie so we decided to call it a day.
Chris takes it by 1 :)
12 holes and a few blisters later I finally become the first of us to actually put and complete the hole before disqualification.

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