Friday, 1 June 2012

Out for dinner

Hello Last night we headed out for dinner again, we had Sam Gip Sal - that's it phonetically at least which is Pork belly. The salad with a variety of sides and dips all come free as standard in all the restaurants here. The meat comes out raw and cooked on the hot plate in the centre of the table and you just help yourself.
Generally the service is brilliant - if one thing runs out they come with more without even being asked.
If you do require the assistance of the waiter then the word 'Yogi' aided with a point generally does the trick - Yogi translates to Here - Tonight's meal wasn't the nicest we've had since being here but still not terrible. The cost of eating out tends to be about 10,000 won - £5 per person and thats including drinks.

Sophie with her fast hands tending to the pork

A 360 degree view outside the restaurant 

Street Corner at the end of our road
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  1. Why has Sophie got two right arms in the photo?

    1. Because she's moving so fast :) It's because I'm using Photosynth on my phone as it's the only way I could fit the whole table in. It's an app that takes several photo's and stitches them together into one panoramic image, so because Sophie was moving as I took the photo's - her arm appears twice :)